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Date: 2011-12-27 04:59 am (UTC)
carnivorousgiraffe: DCAU Joker skipping with Hee Hee repeating above his head. (Heeheeheehee)
Life-long fan of Wonder Woman and superheroes in general here, though I've only managed to find and begin devouring a comic book shop a few years ago. I'll answer to pretty much any name you wish, whether it's Amber (real life), Talliver (default gaming name), or some variation on my username here. I've loved Wonder Woman since I was a little girl and my mom gave me a children's book describing her origin story.

While I adore Diana herself my favorite character would probably be Etta Candy--specifically the original version. There's just something about a fun-loving college woman with a sweet tooth and an army of sorority girls that I find endlessly endearing.

I'm not sure if I have a favorite writer, though I have ones I prefer over others. I do love how Greg Rucka really explored and expanded on the Diana's duties as an ambassador, balancing that life with the occasional saving of the world. And her fight with Medusa will never stop being bad-ass.

I also liked the storyline where Diana is stranded in space and ends up leading a revolution that spans several planets, heavy-handed as it got sometimes (An entire species of males who hate women? Really?).

On the subject of least favorites--I really disliked the period where Diana lost her Wonder Woman title to Artemis; an interesting idea that was ruined by (among other things) the twisting of Hippolyta's character/history to fit the plot and the terrible costume Diana wore in the meantime. Bra, jacket, and bike shorts? What?

The 'Zeus is Diana's father' change is something I simply cannot wrap my head around and I'm just sort of ignoring it until it's retconned.
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