Odd pairing....

Sep. 18th, 2017 04:19 pm
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Does anyone have a weird awful desire to pair Diana Prince and Jim Gordon together?


I've looked for fanfic with this pairing, but haven't found any.

From Eleanor Skelton....

Sep. 13th, 2017 01:40 pm
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"The Girl Who Once Lived in a Box." That's where she used to blog. She's a woman who grew up in fundamentalist Christianity, had this whole blog story where her parents stalked her when she moved out and refused to go to BJU. Even her pastor got involved, because apparently it's against God for a Real True Christian(tm) daughter to move out of her parents' home while single and live on her own.

(Okay, maybe it's 'unBiblical', but there were reasons people lived in clan groups then. And while sometimes I think would be great if more Americans took up the family clan living style, it should be an individual choice.)

Anyway, here is her hurricane Harvey story...


The Storycorps challenge!

Sep. 10th, 2017 02:42 pm
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Where you take two of your favorite characters and put them in a Storycorps booth.


There's only one story in the collection right now, but I want more!

Imagine Draco and Harry, in their 80s, being put in a Storycorps booth. (Though Hermione might be a better choice.)

Darn, I have not been watching any series on a regular basis.

Elderly Cassandra (from Stargate) in a StoryCorps booth, after the Stargate program has been long declassified, talking about... what would she talk about?

I haven't seen Airwolf in a while.... very eldery Archangel talking about some of the previously classified rescues the Airwolf team(s) did?

That time someone put Princess Diana into a StoryCorps booth, with an eldery Congo woman. (In my new headcanon, after WWI, Diana ended up in the Congo, and kicked out the Belgians.)

Who else got put in a StoryCorps booth? (For some reason, I keep picturing the characters as elderly, like a very old Jim Gordon, talking about his early days in Gotham, and the Batman.)

Or an elderly Lois Lane, or even Lex Luthor, talking about their impressions of Superman?

Why am I stuck in comics fandom right now?


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