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thewonders: Linda Carter, as Wonder Woman, from the shoulders up. Arms crossed in traditional WW salute. (Linda)

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Name:Beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena...
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Do you love Wonder Woman? Wonder Girl? The Amazons, Steve Trevor, Etta Candy, the Cheetah, or any of the other characters that have loved/hated/been ambivalent towards our favorite Wonders of the DC Universe? This is the place to be! You can come here to squee about Wonder Woman fighting Medusa and winning, or your favorite Etta Candy saving the day moment. You can come here to complain about Diana's new father or Donna's uncertain state of existence. You can post your fanworks of any format (fic, art, vid, meta, graphics, etc.)--anything related to our Wonderful Women and their supporting casts.

1. Absolutely no -isms or hate speech will be tolerated. Works/Discussions that deal with such subjects respectfully and with clear warnings are fine.
2. Anything featuring sexual acts in explicit detail must be clearly labeled, either by rating or act.
3. Trigger warnings are mandatory for certain subjects (-isms/hate speech, sexual assault, domestic or child abuse, eating disorders). For others, use your own judgment.
4. Because the universe and cast that can be connected to the Wonders is so vast, please use your own judgement as to whether your post belongs here. A fic about Wonder Woman and the Flash teaming up to fight Dr. Psycho, fine. A fic about the Flash dealing with Professor Zoom and mentioning Diana in a conversation at one point--not fine.
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